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Oryxe Fuel Additives

Our products

We provide the only third party certified carbon reduction fuel additive technology with a proven and reliable track record of increasing performance and reducing emissions from Diesel and Gasoline at a low cost per Metric Ton of CO2.


ORYXE is a market leader in the TxLED emission reduction program in Texas NOx and MP reduction program with the most TCEQ certifications by any company. Dozens of fuel terminals carry our TxLED additive technology, successfully treating over 2 billion barrels of diesel fuel which has reduced over 16.5MM MT of CO2 equivalent.

If you’d like to learn more about our processes and products, don’ hesitate to call or leave a message. We would gladly have a discussion.


We offer a high impact low cost solution to reduce the carbon footprint generated from burning fossil based fuels without the need for upfront capital expenditures or a change in standard operating procedures.

Heavy Industry

We prioritize powering heavy industry responsibly. Our specialized fuel additives optimize machinery efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for greener mining operations.

Cruise and Cargo Shipping

At our core, we chart a cleaner course for maritime transportation. Our emission-reducing fuel additives promise improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and a reduced carbon footprint for both cruise and cargo ships.

Railroad Shipping

We propel sustainability in railway shipping. Our certified fuel additives for locomotives optimize performance while minimizing carbon emissions, presenting a competitive solution for railway companies.


In the realm of road freight, we drive the future with diesel or gasoline based fuel additives as well. Achieving improved performance and reduced emissions for trucks, we ensure a sustainable and economical road transport operation.

Aviation Industry

Our next generation of products can redefine aviation sustainability. Our certified fuel additives not only enhance engine efficiency but also provide a cost-effective pathway to greener air travel.


We also offer a comprehensive range of The World’s Best Couplers, where each model is rigorously tested throughout the year. Browse through our models for sale in our legacy webshop.

Our Partners

Our customers include some of the largest, brand name refineries and fuel terminal companies.


Oryxe Company

About us

Founded in 2001, Oryxe is the leader in TxLED technology across North America, proven with over 2 billion barrels of fuel treated and 17 patents. We invite you to find out how Oryxe provides the New Nature of Fuel.

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